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Acron Invests RUB 370 Million in Occupational and Industrial Safety

Acron Group, a leading vertically integrated mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, invests heavily in occupational and industrial safety each year. In 2019, the Group’s investments in occupational and industrial safety measures totalled RUB 370 million.

Acron Group's occupational and industrial safety policies focus on ensuring continuous production activity, the occupational safety of its employees, and the health of people living in the Group’s footprint regions.

The Group uses high-tech equipment to construct new and upgrade existing production lines, runs equipment diagnostics to ensure that equipment and process flows are operated safely, and tests the safety of feedstock and materials used in operations.

The Group’s production facilities take measures to improve labour conditions and protect personnel, reduce the number of industrial accidents and occupational diseases, and optimise occupational risks. Employees who are exposed to a hazardous working environment are provided with healthy meals; the Group spent more than RUB 42 million on these meals in the reporting year.

Acron Group conducts special assessments at its production facilities in order to improve labour conditions and protect personnel from occupational hazards. All employees at the Group’s production facilities must undergo preliminary and regular medical examinations and receive personal protective equipment. Equipment diagnostics are run regularly to ensure the safety of personnel during equipment operation and production processes.

Accident prevention is a key priority in the Group’s occupational and industrial safety policy. The Group continuously monitors the development of emergency containment and recovery measures.

In addition, all Acron Group facilities conduct occupational and industrial safety training, as well as training and testing for managers and specialists. Personnel in the occupational, industrial, fire and environmental safety departments carry out comprehensive targeted and unscheduled inspections on a regular basis.