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NWPC to Transfer RUB 130 Million to the Budget of Kirovsk

NWPC and the Kirovsk Administration have signed a Social and Economic Partnership Collaboration and Cooperation Agreement for 2020, under which the NWPC will transfer RUB 130 million to the city’s budget.

Of that amount, approximately RUB 50 million will be allocated for educational, cultural and sporting events, and RUB 30 million will be used to finance activities at educational institutions in Koashva, a settlement outside Kirovsk.

RUB 59.8 million will be used to fund projects conducted by the Kirovsk Municipal Administration. This amount will cover electricity supply and the repair and maintenance of roads, street lights, and landscaping.

The remaining RUB 20 million will be used to finance Kirovsk’s Procurement and Service Centre.

The 2020 Agreement also covers specific expenses suggested by NWPC employees, such as repairs to the pavement and installation of streetlights between Solnechnaya Street and Lenin Street, repairs to the stairs and sidewalks near No. 37 Lenin Street and No. 9 Soviet Constitution Street, and renovation of playgrounds near buildings 33a, 35, and 37 Lenin Street. In addition, the Agreement includes proposals to repair existing equipment and purchase new sports training equipment for the gym in Koashva, purchase interactive media for Municipal Preschool Educational Center No. 30, and arrange supplementary evening bus service between Koashva and Kirovsk.