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Russian Minister of Economic Development Maksim Reshetnikov Visits Acron in Veliky Novgorod

On 11 February, Minister of Economic Development of Russia Maksim Reshetnikov visited Acron, the largest enterprise in Novgorod region. The trip to the Company’s site was a part of the minister’s working visit to Novgorod region.

Chairman of Acron’s Board of Directors Alexander Popov and Vice Governor of Novgorod Region Evgeny Bogdanov accompanied the minister on an inspection tour of Europe’s largest ammonia complex, the Ammonia-4 unit, and the rare-earth elements production complex, the only one of its kind in Russia.

During the visit, the officials discussed energy efficiency, feedstock independence, and major investment projects.

Mr Popov commented on the Group’s plans: “At the moment, several large investment projects are currently underway at Acron Group’s Novgorod site: completion of the third nitric acid unit with capacity of 135,000 tpa, construction of the urea granulation unit with capacity of 700,000 tpa, and upgrades to increase the capacity of the Ammonia-4 by 70,000 tpa and of the Urea-6 unit by 520,000 tpa. These measures will ensure that Acron Group sees sustainable growth in production volumes for several years to come”.

Minister of Economic Development Maksim Reshetnikov visited Veliky Novgorod as part of the delegation led by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. This is the first working visit of Mr Mishustin to the Russian region as the head of government.