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Acron Introduces Warehouse Management System

Acron Group, a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and worldwide, is introducing an automated Warehouse Management System (WMS) at its Veliky Novgorod production facility. 

This project at the central warehouse for Acron’s assembly shop is part of a technical upgrade of Acron’s warehouses and is currently one of the Group’s top four IT projects. The primary goal for the WMS is to optimise warehousing processes by automating warehouse management. The first phase of the project involved developing a warehouse topology and launching a mobile terminal for warehouse employees. 

Head of Acron business process planning Alexander Matveev said, “We had two choices: we could select a turnkey solution or develop our own WMS based on our ERP integrated control system. We looked at several existing IT solutions, but we decided that we could achieve the goal without resorting to outside help. As a result, the software developed by our group and Acron's IT department meets our needs and can be marketed to other companies as a turnkey solution". 

The team is currently debugging the WMS at the instrumentation and automation warehouse (a separate area of the centralised warehouse), with a full transition to the new system planned for December. 

The WMS will be in operation at all of the warehouses at Acron’s Novgorod facility by the end of 2020.