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Acron Attends Golden Autumn Agro-Industry Trade Show

Acron Group is presenting the full range of products and expert solutions offered by Acron (Veliky Novgorod) and Dorogobuzh (Dorogobuzh, Smolensk region) at the Golden Autumn Russian agro-industry trade show.

Attendees are particularly interested in a wide range of NPK fertilisers. Each granule of Acron’s NPK (Azophoska) contains nitrogen, phosphate and potash, as well as additional nutrients, such as sulphur, magnesium and calcium. Two available forms of nitrogen – ammonium and nitrate – ensure continuous nitrogen nutrition of plants throughout the vegetation period. NPK fertilisers provide the optimal ratio of soil nutrients required by plants. The Group also provided consultations on urea-ammonium nitrate, or UAN, a high-performance liquid nitrogen fertiliser. This unique fertiliser contains nitrogen in three forms: nitrate (N3), ammonium (NH4) and amide (NH2). This makes UAN suitable for root and foliar application for all crops, including those grown in dry soils.

The Group’s specialists introduced a crop nutrition system they developed, with detailed information on all the main types of crops grown in Russia. A special section on Acron’s corporate website lists the biological characteristics for crop growth and development and the specific mineral nutrition recommendations for a variety of crops. Most importantly, it provides an accurate description of a proper nutrition system based on Acron’s mineral fertilisers brands. The system is available at
On 10 October 2019, the Group held a series of lectures on efficiency in agriculture. Moscow State University geography professor Ivan Rubanov spoke about new technologies and trends in mineral fertiliser use. Chief Specialist in the Acron Marketing Department Igor Bessarabenko gave a lecture on the role of nutrients in improving yields and crop quality. Vladimir Emgrunt, Chief Agronomist at Krasnodar Krai’s leading rice grower, Kubris LLC, shared practical experience in mineral fertiliser application.
The second round of lectures focused on information technologies that boost agricultural efficiency. Tatyana Golubeva, Head of the Food Industry, Agriculture and Forestry Department at 1C, spoke about 1C: Enterprise 8. ERP Agro-industrial Complex, a digital transformation platform for agro-industrial companies. Alexei Kuchin, Head of the Automation and System Integration Department at Plodorodie (a member of Acron Group), shared his experience implementing similar solutions at a geographically dispersed enterprise within a short timeframe. The audience was particularly interested in a presentation by Anna Kudinova, CEO of ExactFarming, a company that offers online services for managing agricultural operations.

Students from the Timiryazev Russian State Agrarian University also attended the lectures. Earlier at the trade show, on 9 October, Acron signed an agreement with this leading Russian agricultural university to equip a special facility that will be known as the Acron Classroom.