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Acron to Develop New Durum Wheat Cultivation Technology

Acron Group, a leading fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, signed a cooperation agreement with a pool of partners to develop the best technology for cultivating the durum wheat used to make high-quality pasta. The agreement was inked at the 2019 Golden Autumn agro-industry trade show.

Joining six parties, the agreement was signed by Acron Group’s Vice President for Domestic Business and Agricultural Projects Alexander Lebedev, Director of the Southeast Agriculture Research Institute t Sergey Gaponov, acting Deputy Rector of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy Aleksey Golubev, Commercial Director of Amazone Eurotechnika Aleksander Antonov, Vice President of Barilla Rus Mikhail Putilin, and Syngenta Commercial Director Aleksey Nazarov.

The three-year project will commence in 2020. Acron Group will develop a plant nutrition scheme and provide in-house fertilisers. The Southeast Agriculture Research Institute will try out several wheat varieties at its test fields in Saratov region. Amazone Eurotechnika will provide technical support and equipment from world-leading producer Amazone. Barilla Rus will test the cultivated grain at its laboratories and assess its quality. The Russian office of Syngenta, a global leader in the segment of comprehensive solutions for crop production, will develop procedures for protecting the test crops using its crop-protecting agents.

Chairman of Acron Group’s Board of Directors Alexander Popov commented, “The project will test the best technology in a real production environment and lead to the creation of effective methods for cultivating durum wheat. This technology will help growers reduce climate-related risks and improve the effectiveness of the production of this high-margin, popular crop”.