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Over 850 Children Visit Dorogobuzh Summer Camp

Over summer break, 853 children from all over Smolensk region attended Lastochka (“swallow”) summer camp, owned by Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group), over four sessions from June 5 to August 19. Almost half of these were children of employees working for Dorogobuzh and its subsidiaries. They received preferential vouchers at just RUB 2,950 per two-week session and RUB 4,400 per three-week session, about 85% off the original cost of a session at Lastochka.

Over the past few years, Lastochka has been collaborating with the Smolensk Region Department for Social Development, Education and Science and the main Sports Directorate of the Smolensk Region. In 2019, 480 vouchers were allocated under a state contract designed to offer summer vacation activities and improve children’s health outcomes. Children from 26 districts of Smolensk Region were able to attend Lastochka.

In addition to conventional sessions, the camp offered themed sessions in July and August. The third session, called “Heirs of Victory in Smolensk Region”, was organised in association with the Dolg (“duty”) Patriotic Education and Preliminary Military Training of Youth Centre and the Main Directorate for Youth Affairs and Civic and National Education of Smolensk Region Administration. A sports session was the final one of the season, bringing together young athletes, high achievers, winners of skill challenges, contests and festivals.

One of the most important criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of children's recreation is a measurement of the effectiveness of children's health improvement. According to Lastochka summer camp’s performance in summer 2019, this number reached 96.6% (up from 95.5% in 2018), which exceeds the average level in Smolensk Region.

Lastochka summer camp was built in 1966 and is located in a picturesque wood on the shore of Rubezhnoye Lake in Dorogobuzh district.