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Nearly 1,000 Children to Attend Dorogobuzh's Lastochka Summer Centre

Over four sessions from 5 June 2019 through 19 August 2019, 850 children may attend the Lastochka summer wellness centre, which belongs to Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group)

Half of them will be children of employees at Dorogobuzh and its subsidiaries. They pay a reduced charge of RUB 2,950 to RUB 4,400 (depending on the duration of the session), which is 15% of the package price to attend Lastochka.

The Company allocated 480 vouchers to children from other districts of Smolensk region as part of its cooperation programme with Smolensk region’s Social Development Department aimed at organising summer recreation and wellness activities for children.

Traditionally, each session has a theme. The first session is entitled Constellation of Childhood; the second session is dedicated to Russia’s Year of Theatre. The third session is entitled Heirs of the Victory of Smolensk Region and organised jointly with a patriotic education and pre-service military training centre and Smolensk region’s General Directorate for Youth and Civil and Patriotic Education. The last session will be focused on sports and entertainment events, bringing together members of athletic and patriotic clubs, winners of academic competitions, high achievers and other gifted children.

By the beginning of the summer season, Dorogobuzh purchased new furniture and performed cosmetic repairs in Lastochka’s dormitories, made significant upgrades to the club, including the dance hall and playroom, and prepared the beach and swimming area. Regional inspectors noted that Lastochka is the greenest wellness centre in the region.