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NWPC to Transfer RUB 95 Million to Kirovsk Budget

North-Western Phosphorous Company and the Kirovsk city administration signed a social and economic partnership agreement for 2019.

The agreement is aimed at maintaining and developing social and municipal infrastructure in the region. In 2019, NWPC will transfer RUB 105 million to the Kirovsk budget, of which RUB 44.8 million will be spent on projects by the city’s urban management department to repair and maintain roads, make public improvements, and pay the transportation costs of students.

RUB 50 million of the funding will be allocated to promote education, culture and sports, of which RUB 25.8 million will go to support the cultural centre, kindergarten and arts school in Koashva settlement.

Another RUB 1 million will be used to finance and maintain Kirovsk municipal institutions, including developing of design documentation to make school No.10 accessible to those with limited mobility and renovating street lighting.
North-Western Phosphorous Company signs a partnership agreement with Kirovsk each year. Over past twelve years, its contributions to the city budget have totalled approximately RUB 600 million.