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Acron Group Redesigns Corporate Website, Releases Mobile Version

Acron Group, a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and globally, has redesigned its corporate website ( and released a mobile version of the site that will run on all mobile devices.

The redesign prioritises efficient use of space and simplifies navigation, with a “Buy Fertilisers” button available on the home page and inside the left-side collapse menu button. Every decision in the redesign focused on improving the consumer experience and streamlining the ordering process.

The Products section was also updated to provide greater detail on Acron products and an interactive, topographic map showing the locations and contact information for the Group’s distribution centres.

An extended multimedia gallery showcases the Group’s many projects and the innovative technologies it uses to produce mineral fertilisers.

The mobile site was designed for speed and functionality, and consumers can quickly and easily place orders and access information from any device.