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Acron Awards Best Chemistry and Physics Teachers in Veliky Novgorod

In association with the Education Committee of the Veliky Novgorod Administration, Acron awarded grants to Chemistry and Physics schoolteachers in Veliky Novgorod under its programme billed as Achieving Success in Education and Career together with Acron.

The programme is focused on motivating teachers to engage students in advanced study of Chemistry and Physics so that they choose to train for professions in demand at Acron.

The key selection criteria for the grant competition included own methodological research in the relevant subject, high academic results of students, number of students who pass final state examinations in relevant subjects and the results of extracurricular activities.

The competition committee was composed of Acron’s representatives, heads of educational institutions, representatives of employers’ professional associations and NGOs operating in the area of education. The grant competition included two nominations — the Best Physics Teacher 2018 and the Best Chemistry Teacher 2018.

The jury named the following best physics teachers: Viktoria Martynova from School 23, Olga Stepanova from School 2 and Tatiana Konstantinova from School 13. The Best Chemistry Teacher 2018 award was presented to Irina Nechaeva from School 36, Anatoly Malyakin from School 26 and Elena Suchilina from Novgorod Lyceum-Boarding School.

All the winners received cash awards. Under the existing rules, a winner may spend 50% of the prize fund on personal needs, 30% on improving classroom infrastructure, equipment and materials, and 20% on improving professional skills (advanced training, practical study etc.).

Head of the Education Committee of Veliky Novgorod Administration Irina Shanaeva noted: “We have cooperated with Acron for several years and always feel strong support for all joint projects from the management of this city-forming company. This time, we also hope to achieve our purpose and enhance prestige of Chemistry and Physics teachers and draw the attention of young people to the areas and professions demanded in our city”.