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NWPC and the Kirovsk city administration sign collaboration agreement for 2018

The agreement on social and economic partnership, cooperation and collaboration is aimed at maintaining and developing social and municipal infrastructure in Kirovsk and subordinated territory. Under the agreement, NWPC will transfer more than RUB 90 million to the Kirovsk budget in 2018. 

Of the total amount, RUB 50 million will be used to finance education, culture and sports in Kirovsk and educational institutions in Koashva settlement: financing of festivals, providing opportunities for comprehensive development and creativity, and covering the costs of utilities, maintenance and communications. 

The Kirovsk administration will use the remaining amount (more than RUB 47 million) to finance repair and maintenance of public roads, power supply and maintenance of outdoor lighting, housing repairs for orphaned children, renovating playgrounds and gardens in Koashva settlement, and paying the transportation costs of students and schoolchildren who live in Koashva and Titan settlements.  

NWPC CEO Vadim Ryazantsev commented on the occasion: “NWPC and Kirovsk have been cooperating since 2007. NWPC has contributed around RUB 500 million to the Kirovsk budget over the past ten years. This is a notable contribution to the development and maintenance of the city’s services and events”.