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Acron to Ensure Stable Supplies to Western Europe

Acron France SAS, an international trading and distribution company (a member of Acron Group, one of the leading mineral fertiliser producers in Russia and worldwide), has signed long-term agreements to lease terminal warehouse facilities in the port of Rouen, France, and the port of Ghent, Belgium. 

The agreements provide for using tanks to store high-performance liquid fertiliser UAN (urea-ammonium nitrate) in the amount of up to 40,000 t in Rouen and 15,000 t in Ghent, starting from 1 May 2018. 

Rubis Terminal in Rouen will receive UAN-32 from Acron’s production facilities in Russia and ship it to French consumers by road, rail and water. 

At Fertigent Terminal in Ghent, solution can be diluted immediately when loaded into tank trucks for shipping to customers, mainly in Belgium and north and east of France. 

The first vessel carrying 33,000 t of UAN-32 was shipped to Rouen from BCT Terminal, a member of Acron Group (Sillamäe, Estonia), last month.  

Dmitry Khabrat, Acron Vice President Overseas, noted: “The lease of tanks will ensure timely delivery of UAN to buyers in Western Europe, bolster our positions and increase sales in this important market. According to our estimates, sales via both terminals will considerably exceed 300,000 t already this year”. 

Acron Group’s sales in Western Europe will total over 400,000 t. 

Acron France SAS was established in 2017.