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Acron’s Urea Output at Veliky Novgorod Hits an All-time High

Based on March results, Acron’s urea unit in Veliky Novgorod reached a monthly record high of 95,910 tonnes, exceeding the target figure by 5,210 tonnes or 5.7%. Daily output has been consistently over 3,000 tonnes. This success can be attributed to measures to stabilise the operation of urea units 1-4 and 5, as well as equipment upgrades and shorter maintenance periods.

Acron has been implementing a programme to upgrade its urea units to increase output and meet the growing demand for AdBluе urea, which is used to produce Aus-32, an environmentally friendly and increasingly popular fuel additive.


Acron is building a 600-tpd urea unit 6 at its Veliky Novgorod site. Once the modernisation of the existing units is completed and the new unit is commissioned, total capacity will reach 3,650 tpd, and annual output will be considerably in excess of 1 million tonnes.

Urea is a high-analysis nitrogen fertiliser and a feedstock for producing UAN and urea-formaldehyde resins. It is effective as a fertiliser on various types of soil for cultivating rice, foliar feeding vegetables and horticultural crops, and late fertilising of wheat to increase the grain’s protein content.