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North-Western Phosphorous Company Spent RUB 150 Million on Social Benefits in 2017

In 2017, NWPC spent around RUB 150 million on social payments

In a review of its social obligations in 2017, NWPC reported that it allocated over RUB 50 million for social activities, including benefits and guarantees under the collective agreement. In particular, approximately RUB 29 million was spent on meal subsidies for employees. Financial assistance provided under the collective agreement totalled over RUB 1.5 million. The Company also allocated over RUB 11 million to health resort therapy for its employees and almost RUB 13 million to cover vacation travel costs for employees and their unemployed family members.

NWPC’s social policy focuses on employee health and wellness and providing opportunities to engage in sports and gymnastics. The Company allocated over RUB 6 million to lease sports facilities, pay for employee memberships at sports centres and hold corporate sporting events. In 2017, NWPC included voluntary health insurance for all employees in its social package and spent around RUB 2 million on voluntary health insurance payments.

NWPC allocated around RUB 2.5 million for New Year and professional holiday celebrations, including purchasing gifts, organising New Year activities for employees’ children and providing concert tickets.

In 2017, NWPC made charitable contributions to a range of local and regional organisations. The Company provided aid and New Year’s gifts to students of the Apatity branch of Murmansk Arctic State University, as well as to disabled and orphaned children in the local area. NPWC also provided the Bulychev Orphanage in Apatity with gift certificates to purchase sports equipment. Charitable giving totalled over RUB 1 million in 2017.

Along with meeting its social obligations, the Company also continued to comply fully with the terms of the licence agreement. In 2017, NWPC and the Kirovsk administration signed an annual agreement on social and economic partnership, cooperation and collaboration. Under the agreement, RUB 87.3 million was transferred to the Kirovsk budget.