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Dorogobuzh Wins Regional Phase of National Socially-Conscious Business Contest

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) was recognised for promoting healthy lifestyles at an industrial organisation as part of a contest sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Smolensk regional governor Alexey Ostrovsky presented the award to Dorogobuzh Executive Director Evgeni Sozinov.

Winners were selected based on their commitment to creating favourable conditions for healthy living among the employees and their families.

At the awards ceremony, Ostrovsky explained why all employers should focus on their employees’ health and wellness: “Success depends to a great extent on employee wellbeing. The most skilled workers choose to work at companies with long-term social programmes in place, and those companies see increased labour efficiency, which is a key indicator of a company’s growth.”

Dorogobuzh was selected by the Smolensk Regional Commission for Social and Labour Relations to represent the region at the federal phase of the contest.

According to Dorogobuzh’s Chief Manager for Social Programmes and Production Standards, Alexander Chernenkov, providing recreational activities for employees and promoting healthy lifestyles is one of the priorities of Acron Group’s Fair Work programme. Dorogobuzh operates an all-purpose gymnasium, a stadium, a chess club, two fitness facilities, and an ice hockey pitch and a rink during the winter season. Dorogobuzh also organises sports and wellness events for its employees and holds an annual athletics competition pitting departments against each other in 13 types of sports. In 2016, 950 employees participated in this popular event.

The Company purchased sports equipment and uniform for over RUB 800,000. Dorogobuzh supports a corporate football team that participates in the Smolensk regional championship, as well as the Dnepr ice hockey team, which participates in the Russian Ice Hockey Festival for amateur teams.

Dorogobuzh has a first-aid medical unit on-site, as well as the Lastochka summer wellness centre that was visited by 912 children in 2016. That year, the Company spent over RUB 20 million to finance summer vacations for employees’ children. All employees receive corporate voluntary health insurance policies in addition to their mandatory health insurance. In 2016, Dorogobuzh purchased 205 health resort vouchers worth RUB 6.8 million for its employees and retirees.