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Dorogobuzh to Upgrade Food Service for Employees

More than RUB 31 million allocated to modernise food service

A programme aimed to change the work of the staff meal provision system is implemented at Dorogobuzh. The team’s demands and the experience of Acron Group’s related businesses are taken into account while carrying out the modernisation.

Dorogobuzh is working hard to improve employee meals and how they are delivered. Launched in autumn 2016, the food service improvement programme is designed to improve the quality of the food available to employees on-site, with a focus on providing healthful and balanced meals. One new feature is the packed lunch box, designed for employees with busy schedules.

Several of the Company’s cafeterias have new equipment, furniture, kitchenware, and climate systems. All utility systems were replaced, including water supply, sewer, ventilation, heating, and electricity. The Company has already spent over RUB 31 million to modernise the food production facility, which is scheduled for completion in 2018.

The Company has updated its cafeterias to accept mobile, online and bank card payments, and it now offers cash allowances that employees can spend on meals in the on-site cafeterias. Over half of all employees have already benefited from the new allowances.

Based on the number of meals served daily, employees and guests appreciate the new changes. "Last year, the cafeterias and the buffet served an average of 750 people a day, but the number of visitors almost doubled in November 2017", said Julia Tarasova, director of Dorogobuzh’s food production facility.