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Acron Produces First Million Tonnes of Product at Ammonia-4 Unit in Veliky Novgorod

Acron’s Ammonia-4 unit at the Veliky Novgorod site has produced one million tonnes of product.

This excellent performance was achieved by a team focused on boosting productivity. In September, measures were introduced at the unit to stabilise capacity at 2,300 t per day year-round and to improve equipment reliability. On 8 October, a record daily output of 2,352 t was achieved, which is 14% more than the unit’s design capacity.

In 2017, Acron plans to reach annual output of 780,000 t at the Ammonia-4 unit, and over 800,000 t in 2018. According to the Company’s strategic development programme, daily output of ammonia will reach 2,500 t by 2019.

The launch of the Ammonia-4 unit in 2016 significantly increased production capacity across the entire site. In 9M 2017, output of the Company’s main commercial product was up 20% to 3.662 million t year-on-year.

Acron’s Ammonia-4 unit is the largest ammonia production unit in Europe. It is the most significant investment project at the Company’s site in Veliky Novgorod over the past several decades. It is also the first post-Soviet ammonia unit built by Russian specialists without foreign manpower and based on project documentation prepared by Novgorod GIAP, a Russian design institute. Investment in the project totalled approximately USD 500 million.