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Acron Launches Programme to Promote Onsite Innovation

On 19 August, Novgorod-based Acron held its first Innovation Day

Innovation Day at Acron Group’s Novgorod-based facility focused on promoting innovative approaches to the facility’s operations and letting employees respond creatively to challenges.

The hosts and speakers at the event were experts in the innovative industry, academics and founders of successful hi-tech start-ups in Russia and abroad.
Their talks covered modern technologies capable of changing the current business environment, including the Internet of Things, blockchain and contemporary automated control systems. While these technologies originated in the finance and IT sectors, they are also finding uses in modern agriculture production, precision agriculture and farm management.

During the hands-on session, attendees looked at contemporary approaches to innovation development of business and practices originating in the start-up environment that can carry over to a large holding. During the skills workshop, mentors helped Company employees try out a variety of idea generation techniques and work on their presentation and project defence skills. Afterwards, employees participated in an express session that generated a number of proposals for improving efficiency at the facility.
Acron Executive Director Vladimir Gavrikov explained that the Company uses events like Innovation Day to stay on top of the latest technologies that can be applied to improve facility operations. “In today’s rapidly changing market, it is critically important for an industry leader like Acron to stay abreast of the newest trends and technological innovations and to be open to new ideas and approaches. That is how we respond to market challenges and customer demand. We are always open to ideas from the outside, but we also believe that our employees are a critical source of innovation. I hope that Innovation Day will encourage our employees to look at current challenges from a different point of view, perhaps even rise to solve them with new approaches”.