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1,500 People to Have Vacation at Acron’s Recreational Facilities

First groups of Acron employees and their children arrived in June

This summer, the Avrora recreation camp located 40 km from Veliky Novgorod will host nine sessions of Mother and Child family vacations. From 30 May 2017 through 31 August 2017, over 800 Acron employees and their children will spend vacation time at Aurora. Employees pay only 30% of the full price of their vacation packages.

By the start of the summer season, the repayment and construction shop completed facelift of the premises of the cottages, upgraded playgrounds and repainted architectural landscape elements. New sports equipment and gear were also purchased. Construction of the foundation for a new two-story house for visitors and a new athletics pavilion is underway.

Four 18-days sessions will be hosted this summer at the Raduga children’s health-care camp (Valdaysky District). Raduga will be able to accommodate 600 children. These vacation packages are partially financed by Acron, with employees paying just 20% of the total price.

The overhaul of two vacation houses was completed at Raduga prior to the beginning of the summer season, including layout changes that create space for more visitors. Ten drinking fountains were installed around the camp, and the lighting near the outdoor washstands was renovated. Spacious and cosy new pergolas were installed.

“Raduga offers a positive environment where children and teenagers can relax after an intense school year”, said Director of Acron’s health-care camp Sofia Pavlova. “Our guests enjoy wonderful living conditions, high-quality nutritious food and interesting events. Our experience shows that schoolchildren return home healthy, cheerful and self-sufficient, looking forward to seeing their friends at Raduga next year”.

In 2016, 1,350 Acron employees and their children spent vacation time at Acron’s recreational facilities. Raduga was opened in 1971. The camp is located in Valdaysky National Park (Novgorod region) on the shore of Lake Beloye. The Avrora recreation camp has been in operation since 1983. It is located on the Msta River, 40 km from Veliky Novgorod.