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Acron Takes Prize in High-Profile Environmental Contest

Acron became the winner of a high-profile annual environmental contest Top 100 Russia’s Organisations. Ecology and Environmental Management. Additionally, Acron executive director Vladimir Gavrikov was awarded the badge of honour 2017 Environmental Specialist of the Year.

The award ceremony was held in St. Petersburg at the 11th conference entitled Environment and Production. Prospects for Developing Economic Mechanisms for Environmental Protection. The annual event is organised under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the relevant committees of the Federation Council and the State Duma.

The results of a contest of projects related to environmental management and environmental protection, which are implemented by production facilities and organisations, were announced at this forum. Acron’s largest production facility in Veliky Novgorod was named among the top 100 environmentally responsible organisations. Acron was awarded a golden medal and a diploma for its contribution to environmental protection, environmental safety, and reducing its negative impact on the environment. These awards reaffirm that Acron is an environmentally responsible company.

“Acron understands its responsibility to society to protect the environment, ensure safe living conditions and make efficient use of natural resources. That is why environmental protection is one of our priorities. Specialists at our production facility are continuously working to protect water and air and to reduce the negative impact of industrial waste on the environment. Our victory in this contest demonstrates that Acron’s achievements in environmental protection and environmental safety are recognised and appreciated”, Vladimir Gavrikov commented after the ceremony.

Acron is committed to improving environmental safety and reducing the negative environmental impact of its operations. In order to comply with established standards, Acron developed internal engineering standards and regulations and has a system of environmental process monitoring in place. Acron’s Analytic and Engineering Centre (AEC) plays a special role in environmental monitoring. The AEC laboratories monitor compliance with established standards for environmental impact. The Centre uses cutting-edge equipment and measurement tools for sampling, sample preparation and testing. The AEC laboratories participate in Russian and international interlaboratory tests in order to confirm the accuracy and reliability of the results of their surveys. In 2016, the AEC laboratory performed over 100,000 tests.