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Acron Announces Annual General Meeting

 Acron Board of Directors has resolved to convene its annual general meeting on 22 June 2017 at 9:30 am at Acron Cultural Centre (22a Lomonosov Street, Veliky Novgorod, Russian Federation).

The Board of Directors considered matters related to the annual general meeting preparation and approved its agenda as follows:
  1. Approving Acron Annual Report for 2016
  2. Approving Acron annual accounting (financial) statements for 2016
  3. Distributing Acron profit and loss (including paying (declaring) dividends) for 2016
  4. Electing Acron Board of Directors
  5. Paying compensation and reimbursement to members of Acron Board of Directors
  6. Approving Acron auditor
  7. Electing Acron Internal Audit Team
The record date for the annual general meeting is 29 May 2017 (end of business day).

All the information to be provided to persons entitled to attend the shareholder meeting will be made available on the corporate website and submitted to the central depositary not later than on 01 June 2017. It will also be available at the Company’s offices.