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Belgorod Farmers Prepare for Sowing Season Using Scientific Approach

On 21 February 2017 in Belgorod, Acron and Avgust organised a seminar entitled Professional Application of Fertilisers, Pesticides and Herbicides in Modern Agricultural Technology. The event was attended by over 100 representatives from leading agricultural companies and producers in Belgorod region and neighbouring regions.

Vasily Melnikov, Deputy Head of the Department for the Agro-Industrial Complex in Belgorod region welcomed the seminar’s participants on behalf of the regional administration and said that Acron was a reliable partner for farmers, contributing to the strong performance of the regional agricultural sector for many years. According to Melnikov, Agronova Belgorod (Acron Group’s distributor in the region) has a 40% share in the local fertiliser market.

A highlight of the seminar was a report focused on how to effectively apply fertiliser to the local soil, presented by Professor Sergey Lukin, Doctor of Science in Agriculture and director of Agrochemical Service Centre Belgorodsky, a state institution.

Most questions were addressed to Vladimir Emgrunt, Chief Agronomist at Kubris, the leading rice producer in Krasnodar Krai. With a smart approach to applying Acron fertilisers, Kubris managed to post Russia’s best rice yield of 8,000 to 9,800 kg/ha (against the 2013-2016 national average of 5,300 kg/ha), and 2016 wheat yield of 5,800 to 8,500 kg/ha (against the national average of less than 3,000 kg/ha).

During the seminar, Acron presented its new brand of all-purpose complex fertiliser NPKS (MOP) 18:6:18:2S+2MG. It contains sulphur, which increases protein content in grains and oil content in seeds, ensuring increased resistance to cold, drought and disease and extending crop storage.

Oleg Mezentsev, CEO of Agronova-Belgorod said, “It is clear today that proper application of mineral fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides is the key to higher yields and better crop storage. Farmers from Belgorod region have access to the new fertiliser brands produced by Acron, the industry’s technical leader. We have warehouse facilities in the region, which guarantee that Belgorod consumers will have access to any volume of our products”.

“Events like this are an opportunity for us to directly inform our customers about new features of modern fertilisers and also to answer their questions and understand the objectives of the region’s agricultural sector”, said Vladimir Kharin, CEO of Acron Group distributor Agronova. “We plan to hold similar seminars in other regions”.

During the seminar, Avgust shared information about the global and Russian markets for pesticides and herbicides and offered tools for their application.

Acron established Agronova distribution network in 2005. Today, Agronova comprises 11 specialised agrochemical companies, providing the Group with direct access to customers in major agricultural regions of Russia. Agronova subsidiaries deliver, sell and store mineral fertilisers. It has total warehouse capacity of 169,000 tonnes.