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Acron Group and the Kurchatov Institute National Research Centre to Continue Cooperation

The Kurchatov Institute organised course of lectures for Acron employees under agreement on cooperation signed in early 2016

In November 2016, the Kurchatov Institute National Research Centre organised an advanced professional training course for Acron personnel focused on process water treatment at production facilities.

An advanced professional training programme, attended by over 100 Acron employees, was tailored for workers and engineers. Highly skilled instructors from the Kurchatov Institute National Research Centre gave Acron employees an in-depth look at water treatment theory, broad spectrum of treatment methods for production facilities, ways to ensure high quality of recycling water and other engineering solutions for water treatment.

Kurchatov Institute senior researcher Andrei Verkhovsky explained that the Institute has extensive experience in water treatment for a variety of production processes, “primarily for the nuclear power industry, where there are advanced methods for treating water with agents and cutting-edge solutions for preventing sediments and corrosion. The key objective of our courses is to teach workers about the basics of water treatment and provide middle management with the theory behind these processes”.

Irina Yakovleva, a process engineer at Acron’s biological treatment facility, found the course useful. “I broadened my horizons in water treatment significantly. Talking to instructors from the Kurchatov Institute was helpful. I am grateful to the lecturers and other attendees for their constructive and highly professional approach to specific issues related to water treatment and water chemistry conditions in the biological treatment facility’s boiler room. I am confident that I will be able to use this new knowledge in my work”.

Under its cooperation agreement with Acron, the Kurchatov Institute will assist in developing and launching new technology for the biological treatment facility and provide professional training to Acron employees.