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Acron Completes Overhaul Works at Power Substation

Novgorod site completes major overhaul of power substation using domestic equipment

Acron’s Novgorod site recently completed a major overhaul of one of its two step-down substations, originally commissioned in 1979. Main step-down substation 315 has two 80-MVA transformers and is one of the primary power sources for Acron’s production units. A substation with this capacity is able to supply power to a large regional centre.

During the overhaul, old electromechanical protection kits were replaced with new ones that have domestically produced microprocessors. The cost of equipment and installation totalled approximately RUB 20 million. Modern digital hardware remotely connects mini-computers to the dispatch system, which integrates them into the computer network. The overhaul replaced almost all the old equipment at step-down substation 315, boosting power supply reliability for NPK production, Acron’s biggest large-tonnage unit.

According to Acron’s chief electrical technician, Alexei Grigoriev, the overhaul process was unique because it was completed during continuous production using electronic parts produced in Cheboksary. An overhaul of the second main step-down substation is planned for the near future.