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Acron and Russian Railways Spend a Billion Roubles to Upgrade Railway Infrastructure

Acron and Russian Railways are implementing a joint project to upgrade railway infrastructure at station 64th Km Passing Loop of the Oktyabrskaya Railway. The parties are providing financing of approximately RUB 1 billion on a parity basis under an agreement executed in 2011.

As part of the project, two additional receiving and departure tracks were laid and four operating tracks were extended to a useful length of 1,050 meters; electrified railroad switches were connected to new station electric interlocking devices. A draw-out track was built in odd and even yard necks with access to all receiving and departure tracks. Railway switches were automated, connected to microprocessor interlocking control and equipped with pneumatic blowers and electric heating. The project has also completed construction of an electrical signal box combined with an administration and amenity building and a warming house for car inspectors and rail track maintenance workers.

Upon completion of the project, the traffic capacity of the connecting railway station 64th Km Passing Loop will increase 50% to over 6 million tonnes of cargo a year.

Acron Chairman of the Board of Directors Alexander Popov commented on the project’s progress:
“With the upgrades, the junction will have increased capacity and higher operation speed. Currently, 96% of products from our Veliky Novgorod production facility are shipped to customers by rail. Cargo tonnage is increasing annually by 5% to 7%. All the main construction and assembly work under the project has been completed.”