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Dorogobuzh Announces Results of Submission of Share Sale Requests by Shareholders

In accordance with the Board of Directors resolution dated 14 October 2014, Dorogobuzh is purchasing its outstanding ordinary shares at RUB 16.4 per share (up to 27 million shares) and preferred shares at RUB 18.6 per share (up to 60 million shares).

The total number of ordinary shares, in respect of which duly executed purchase requests have been submitted to the Company, is 1,104,366 shares. The total number of preferred shares, in respect of which the shareholders submitted similar requests, is 4,638,376 shares.

Thus, the shares of all classes will be purchased from shareholders in the quantity indicated in the shareholder requests (in full).

Shareholders who submitted the share sale requests will receive notices of execution of share purchase agreements. Share purchase agreements are to be executed, and entries in the Share Register on the transfer of the share title to the Company are to be completed by 6 March 2015 (inclusive).