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Dorogobuzh Holds Annual General Meeting on May 24, 2013

The Dorogobuzh annual general meeting approved the Company’s 2012 annual report, financial statements and profit and loss distribution.

Shareholders resolved to pay 2012 dividends on preferred shares in the amount of one rouble and twenty kopeks per share, and not to pay 2012 dividends on common shares.

The meeting elected the following individuals to the Dorogobuzh Board of Directors:
• Victor Bocherikov, Executive Director
• Alexei Gusev, Vice President for Commercial Activity and Production Optimisation
• Tatyana Mikheyeva, Head of the Economic Planning Division under the Economy and Finance Department
• Oleg Tikhonov, Chief Technology Officer
• Alexander Popov, Senior Vice President
• Ilya Popov, Head of the Investor Relations Department
• Dmitry Khabrat, Vice President Overseas 

The annual general meeting elected an internal audit team consisting of Larisa Istomina, Svetlana Loginova, Svetlana Maslo, Lubov Churkina and Galina Shapkina. It is also appointed Baker Tilly Russaudit as the RAS auditor and KMPG as the IFRS auditor. 

The first meeting of the Board of Directors was held after the shareholder meeting. Alexander Popov was elected the Chair of the Board of Directors and Victor Bocherikov was elected Deputy Chair. The Board of Directors appointed the Managing Board as follows: President Vladimir Kunitsky (Chair of the Managing Board), Senior Vice President Oscar  Valters, Senior Vice President Alexander Popov, Vice President for Production and Development Ivan Antonov, Vice President for Human Resources and Special Projects Irina Raber, and Finance Director Alexei Milenkov.