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Arbitrazh Court Grants Acron Interim Injunction

The Moscow Arbitrazh Court awarded an interim injunction prohibiting Apatit from cutting and/or suspending apatite concentrate supplies to Acron pending until a ruling on the case is made. On June 6, 2012, Acron filed suit against Apatit with the Arbitrazh Court in response to a move by Apatit to raise the 2012 price for apatite concentrate to RUB 3,671.36 per tonne in violation of the existing contract between the two companies.

In its statement dated June 15, 2012, the Moscow Arbitrazh Court noted that the interim injunction will prevent material damage to Acron and third parties during the proceedings without disrupting the balance of interests of the parties. 

For reference, Acron has suspended complex fertiliser production and supplies to its customers, causing material losses, injury to its reputation, exposure to social risks and reduced tax contributions to the budget of the Novgorod region.