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JSC Dorogobuzh Renamed Public Joint Stock Company

The extraordinary general meeting of Dorogobuzh shareholders on 4 August 2015 approved a resolution to change the Company’s name to Public Joint Stock Company Dorogobuzh. The Company’s state registration with the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities was amended to reflect the change on 24 August 2015 (date of name change) in the Company’s Charter.

As of 25 August 2015, the Company shall use the following full and abbreviated official name in the Russian language: Публичное акционерное общество «Дорогобуж» (ПАО «Дорогобуж»), and full and abbreviated official name in the English language: Public Joint Stock Company Dorogobuzh (PJSC Dorogobuzh).

Dorogobuzh changed its name and amended its Charter to comply with new amendments to Russian law regulating public companies (Chapter 4 of the Russian Civil Code).

When a legal entity changes its name to bring it into compliance with the Civil Code, it does not have to amend titles and other documents containing its previous official name. Therefore, all agreements, powers of attorney and other documents executed before 25 August 2015 on behalf of or by the Company that specify its previous official name shall remain in force until their expiration date or any other date stipulated by applicable law. The Company’s domicile, PSRN, TIN, KPP, and bank details for payments to the Company (except its official name) remain the same, as well.