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Acron Employees Join All-Russia People’s Front

Acron’s employees held a conference on July 01, 2011 at which they resolved to join the All-Russia People’s Front.

Acron is the largest employer in the Novgorod region. Participation in the All-Russia People’s Front gives the Company’s over 5,000 employees the opportunity for comprehensive discussion of regional social and economic issues and potential solutions. A number of priority matters regarding development in the Novgorod region were addressed at the conference, including programmes to bring gas lines to communities, develop road infrastructure and recreation sites, and provide housing for young specialists. All proposals made at the conference were transferred to the regional coordinating board of the All-Russia People’s Front.

Acron’s Executive Director Vladimir Gavrikov said: “Acron’s team will become a regional flagship for the All-Russia People’s Front. We will be the first among Novgorod enterprises to support Mr. Putin’s initiative. The objectives declared by the Front correspond with the needs of our personnel. This social movement provides us with new opportunities to resolve issues that are important to each and every employee of our chemical production facility. Acron’s members have always been active in finding solutions to social and economic problems in our region.”