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Dorogobuzh Releases Q1 2011 RAS Consolidated Statements

Today Dorogobuzh (member of Acron Group) announced its unaudited consolidated RAS statements for Q1 2011.

Financial Highlights
• Revenue reached RUB 4.48 billion, up 31% year-on-year (Q1 2010: RUB 3.41 billion)
• Sales profit was RUB 1.58 billion, 85% more than in Q1 2010 (RUB 0.85 billion)
• EBITDA* was up 79% year-on-year to RUB 1.65 billion (Q1 2010: RUB 0.92 billion)
• EBITDA margin was 37%, up from 27% in Q1 2010
• Net profit totalled RUB 1.77 billion, including a gain of RUB 0.12 billion due to a mark-to-market revaluation of the financial investments (including that of sold securities). Net profit before the revaluation increased by the factor 2.4 to RUB 1.65 billion against RUB 0.70 billion year-on-year.

* EBITDA is calculated as operating profit (sales profit) plus depreciation and amortisation.

Download Financial Statements (in Russian)