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Dorogobuzh Receives Best Taxpayer of the Year Award

JSC Dorogobuzh (a part of the Acron Group) was recognised by the third annual international Best Taxpayer of the Year award established by the Foundation for Promoting Entrepreneurship. The award ceremony was part of the 12th National Economic Elite, an official public event.

The Best Taxpayer of the Year award was inaugurated in 2008 with the active support of the tax law subcommittee of the State Duma’s budget and tax committee and the subcommittee for promoting private and public partnership of the State Duma’s committee for economic policy and entrepreneurship. The award was established to popularise fair and competent business maintenance and encourage entrepreneurs to pay taxes voluntarily and consistently.

Based in the Smolensk region, Dorogobuzh is the major taxpayer in its area. In 2009, Dorogobuzh paid over RUB 800 million to federal and local tax authorities. The company’s success is based on financial transparency and honest compliance with Russian tax law.