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Acron's Employees Receive Russian Government Prize

Several Acron employees received the 2009 Russian Government science and technology prize. The list of awardees was approved by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on March 17, 2010.

Among the projects recognised by the arbiters of the prestigious award was an innovative new biotechnology for treating complex sewage discharged by industrial and utility facilities in Veliky Novgorod.

Acron’s awardees include CEO Ivan Antonov, Executive Director Vladimir Gavrikov, Industrial Safety Manager Aleksandr Razumov and former biological treatment facilities foreman (currently Chairman of the Veliky Novgorod Duma) Sergey Zolotaryov. Other awardees include deputy department head at the Federal Science and Innovation Agency Tatiana Zhigaryova, Aquaros deputy director, PhD in biology Natalia Zhmur, and head of NII VODGEO, Professor, PhD in technical sciences Valery Shvetsov.

Pursuant to the Russian Government Decree that established the science and technology prize on September 1, 2004, forty projects are selected annually, and practical application is a major requirement. In order to be considered, projects must have been implemented at least one year previously.