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S&P Includes Acron on Its Top-10 List of Most Transparent Russian Companies

On October 21, 2009 Standard & Poor’s (S&P) published its Transparency & Disclosure survey on the largest Russian companies in 2009 . The study placed Acron among the top ten Russian public companies ranked by transparency and disclosure. Last year Acron participated in the survey for the first time and was ranked 56.
S&P notes that Acron’s significant progress was primarily due to the fact that the company placed its shares on the London Stock Exchange last year. The comprehensive information provided in the annual report and the corporate web-site, including English translations of internal documentation and materials from shareholders’ meetings, was specified as the key factor in Acron’s advance. Disclosure of information on the Company’s beneficial owners also has played an important role.
Alexander Popov, the Chairman of Acron’s Board of Directors commented on the S&P transparency rating: “Acron constantly seeks to improve its transparency and works to provide its shareholders and investors with equal and timely access to disclosed information. This year Acron made a significant advance in its transparency ranking. We are now the only fertilizer company on the top-10 list. But we have no plans to stop here. We will consolidate our efforts to improve the Company’s corporate governance and transparency in accordance with the best international business practices.”