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Acron Group Voices Initiatives at Meeting of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade

At a designated task force meeting of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Acron’s management voiced proposals on measures to assist Acron, Dorogobuzh and other mineral fertiliser producers. The measures under discussion would affect those companies that are classified as strategic companies and eligible for government support.

Acron proposed official measures that would affect both its own companies and the rest of the companies in the industry.

In particular, Acron discussed potential state support for its mining projects. Another initiative voiced by the Group was the introduction of long-term contracts for key raw materials (apatite concentrate and potash) at economically justified prices as a way to provide stable raw materials supplies for independent mineral fertiliser producers. Acron also proposed lifting customs duties on mineral fertiliser exports, providing state subsidies to offset higher tariffs for products and services provided by natural monopolies, and other measures aimed at increasing domestic demand for mineral fertilisers.