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Dorogobuzh Convenes Extraordinary General Meeting

Dorogobuzh's Board of Directors adopted a resolution to convene an extraordinary general meeting in the form of absentee vote on 4 August 2015. 

The Board of Directors meeting approved the agenda of the shareholder meeting and resolved other issues related to its preparation and holding. 

The Company’s Board of Directors initiated the shareholder meeting and proposed its agenda. 

Most of items of the shareholder meeting agenda are related to amendments to the current Charter of the Company. 

It will be proposed to the general meeting, inter alia, to make the following amendments to the Company’s Charter: 
– Amendments related to bringing the Company’s name and Charter in compliance with corporate law (with regard to public companies regulation) 
– Amendments related to adoption of the national Corporate Governance Code as amended recommended by the Bank of Russia 
– Amendments related to inclusion into the Company’s Charter of additionally authorised shares provisions 
– Other amendments related to streamlining and improving the Company’s corporate governance. 

Resolutions on making amendments to the Company’s Charter will be adopted by the meeting upon consideration of the agenda items separately due to various composition of voting shareholders and order of making relevant amendments. 

The general meeting is proposed to pass a resolution on the Company’s participation in joint business entities (self-regulating organisations) in order to obtain an authorization to perform certain types of work. 

Draft resolutions of the shareholder meeting and amendments to the Company’s Charter will be proposed by the Board of Directors and disclosed pursuant to the statutory procedure and on the Company’s website no later than 15 July 2015. 

The record date for the persons entitled to attend the shareholder meeting shall be 16 June 2015 at 12:00 a.m.