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Provision of Information to Shareholders

The Company is obliged to disclose information in the scope and manner prescribed by laws applicable to the Company. You can find the Company’s information that is subject to compulsory disclosure in this section.

The Company must ensure that shareholders have access, upon their request, to the documents stipulated by Article 91 of the Russian Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies, in the manner and in those instances established by the relevant article.

The Company must honour a request to review documents at the premises of the Company’s executive body within seven business days of receiving such request, unless the Company’s charter or bylaws stipulate another location as approved by the general meeting or the Company’s Board of Directors and published on this website.

When shareholders request documents that they are entitled to access, the Company must provide them with copies of the requested documents. The fee charged by the Company for such copies may not exceed the cost of their production and postage (if they need to be posted to an address specified by the shareholder).

Please find below the rates and the Company’s bank details to pay for copies made upon shareholder requests.

Documents containing confidential information: In accordance with Clause 12, Article 91 of the Russian Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies, the deadline for performance of the obligation to provide documents containing confidential information shall be calculated starting no earlier than the date of the non-disclosure agreement executed between the Company and the shareholder requesting access to documents (confidentiality agreement).

If a shareholder requests access to documents that may contain confidential information, the Company recommends that the shareholder sign and attach a non-disclosure agreement concerning the Company’s confidential information. If a request is from a group of shareholders, the agreement must be signed by each of them. If a request is to grant access to documents to a shareholder’s representative acting under power of attorney, both the shareholder and the representative must sign the non-disclosure agreement.

The terms and conditions of the non-disclosure agreement concerning the Company’s confidential information are set forth below in a standard form and are the same for all of the Company’s shareholders.