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Mineral Fertilisers

Complex fertilisers contain various ratios of two or three nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) required by plants.

Their application simplifies balancing soil nutrients and boosts yields. Complex fertilisers supply crops with essential nutrients in available form, assuring peak efficiency in a variety of climatic conditions.

The Group manufactures two types of complex fertilisers — NPK and blended NPK.


NPK (MOP) 16-16-16
NPK (MOP) 15-15-15
NPK (MOP) 25-9-9
NPK (MOP) 20-10-10
NPK (MOP) 22-11-11
NPK (MOP) 19-9-19
NPKS (MOP) 19-16-8+3S
NPKS (MOP) 18-6-18+2S+2Mg
NPK (SOP) 15-15-15
NPK 23-22-0
NPKS 22-18-0+4S
NPKS 22-20-0+2S
NPKS 22-15-0+7S
NPK (MOP) 23-10-5-2S+Mg
NPK 20-20-0

Blended NPK

NPK (MOP) 15-4-30
NPK (MOP) 23-10-10
NPK (MOP) 24-6-12
NPK (MOP) 27-1-13
NPK (MOP) 27-6-6
NPK (MOP) 29-5-5
NPK (MOP) 30-3-3
NPK (MOP) 30-4-4
NPK (MOP) 31-3-3
NPK (MOP) 33-1-1
NPK 18-14-12.5+2S
NPK 19-3-25
NPK 21-6-13+2S
NPK 23-9-9+2S
NPK 24-6-12
NPK 24-8-8+2S
NPK 27-1-13
NPK 27-5-6+2S
NPK 27-6-6
NPK 27-7.6-3+2S
NPK 29-5-5
NPK 30-3-3
NPK 30-4-4
NPK 30-5-0+2S
NPK 31-3-3