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Acron’s Domestic Mineral Fertiliser Sales Up 50% in 2018

Acron Group sold 900,000 tonnes of fertilisers to Russian consumers last year

In 2018, Acron Group increased its domestic sales of mineral fertilisers by 50% to 900,000 tonnes. Liquid nitrogen fertiliser (UAN) sales tripled.

Traditionally, Acron Group’s key domestic consumers are growers located in Russia’s Central and Southern Federal Districts. Russian growers show a preference for AN and NPK.

Acron Board of Directors Chair Alexander Popov comments: “The Russian market is a top priority for Acron Group. We are ready to meet Russian growers’ needs, including demand for new, high-performance fertiliser brands.”

The Group’s Agronova distribution network was established in 2005 and operates eleven specialised agrochemical enterprises with direct access to consumers in Russia’s dominant agricultural regions. Agronova’s units provide mineral fertiliser delivery, sales and storage services, with total storage capacity of 189,000 tonnes.