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Acron Participates in Bryansk Field Day Exhibition

Acron Group participated in the annual inter-regional agro-industry exhibition Bryansk Field Day – 2019, which took place at the Bryansk State Agricultural University on 13 July.

The Group’s specialists prepared the demonstration crops for the Field Day using Acron’s fertilisers. The region’s main crops — peas, spring and winter wheat, and spring barley — were grown on experimental fields, and the demonstration featured basic and pre-sowing tillage, irrigation, and application of chemical plant protection and fertilisers.

Acron also exhibited its new NPKS 22:15:0:7 brand fertiliser at its stand. The brand features sulphur in water-soluble sulphate form, which increases plant’s phosphorous absorption and improves product commercial quality. Farmers were also interested in UAN-32 fertiliser (a high-effective liquid nitrogen fertiliser) and the complex NPKS 18:6:18:2S+2Mg fertiliser, featuring magnesium and sulphur in a single granule necessary for a better growth and development of oil crops.

CEO of JSC Agronova-Bryansk (an Acron Group distribution company) Gennadiy Belonogiy commented on the advantages of Acron’s products: “We offer farmers high-performance universal mineral fertilisers with improved agrochemical formulas that can be used on various soil types and for all agricultural crops. This keeps us competitive in the mineral fertiliser market. Right now, we provide up to half of all fertiliser supplies in Bryansk region.”

The Group’s Agronova distribution network was established in 2005 and operates eleven specialised agrochemical enterprises in Russia’s agricultural regions. Agronova’s units provide mineral fertiliser delivery, sales and storage services, with total storage capacity of 189,000 tonnes. Acron Group annually ships more than 1.8 million tonnes of products to Russian consumers in 80 regions, where the preference is for AN and NPK.