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Dorogobuzh Celebrates its 55th Anniversary

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) celebrated its 55th anniversary on 28 December 2020.

The nitrogen fertiliser plant was commissioned in Smolensk region in 1965. Over its long history, Dorogobuzh has become a major manufacturer in the region. Today, it accounts for 4.2% of Russia’s mineral fertilizer output, including 10% of NPK and 11% of ammonium nitrate. Over the past five years, the Company has invested RUB 8.5 billion in upgrades to its units.

Each year, Dorogobuzh allocates over RUB 150 million to implement social initiatives aimed at improving its employees’ wellbeing and over RUB 100 million on environmental measures.

The Company’s success can be attributed to the coordinated efforts of every employee at each of its units. Today, Dorogobuzh employs over 2,500 highly qualified specialists.

We are happy to be part of a large, close-knit team capable of great achievements!

Click here to watch the Company’s anniversary video.