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Dorogobuzh Announces its RAS Consolidated Statements for the 9 Months of 2008

JSC Dorogobuzh (Acron Group’s company) Released Today its RAS Consolidated Results for the Nine Months of 2008.


• Dorogobuzh’s revenue reached RUB 8,608 million, up 55 per cent year-on-year (nine months 2007: RUB 5,557 million).

• Operating profit amounted to RUB 3,821 million, up 184 per cent year-on-year (nine months 2007: RUB 1,346 million).

• EBITDA* rallied 172 per cent to reach RUB 3,925 million, against RUB 1,439 million in nine months of 2007.

• EBITDA margin totaled 46 per cent, against 26 per cent in the same period last year.

• Dorogobuzh’s net profit reached RUB 2,197 million. Net profit was affected by mark to market revaluation of financial investments, which resulted in RUB 1,042 in losses. Therefore, net profit before financial investments revaluation grew 234 per cent to RUB 3,239 million against RUB 970 million in the previous year.

*EBITDA is calculated as operating profit (sales) plus depreciation and amortisation.

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