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Corporate Awards Presented to 124 Dorogobuzh Employees on Chemist’s Day

Dorogobuzh, Smolensk region, celebrated Chemist’s Day and awarded its best employees.

The Company’s Cultural Centre hosted a celebration on the eve of the holiday. Roman Dmitriev, Dorogobuzh Executive Director, and Igor Gulitsky, Chairman of Dorogobuzh’s primary trade union organisation, congratulated the employees on advanced production growth, the launch of new projects, and the introduction of forward-thinking technical solutions. They also recognised the Company’s active involvement in Dorogobuzh district development, including construction of sports facilities, support for educational, health, public, and socially significant projects, and implementation of a programme aimed at providing career guidance to school students and improving the quality of education.

Dorogobuzh’s highly professional staff, who never fail to complete their tasks, are the Company’s key asset. This year, 124 employees received awards from ministry officials, regional and town administration, and Dorogobuzh’s management for their notable contribution to the development of the Company and the chemical industry, and for their many years of hard work. Dorogobuzh invited the legendary band Zemlyane to play at the party.

The Company celebrated Chemist’s Day for a week, holding sports and cultural events attended by over 1,500 Company’s employees and Dorogobuzh district residents. The Company organised its traditional mini-football game for men and children, as well as junior badminton tournaments, mixed-team volleyball games, men’s streetball blitz tournament, and women's fitness marathon. Dorogobuzh employees also took part in a spectacular swim race and a chemistry quiz.

The celebrations culminated in the Chemistry Weekend family festival held at Dorogobuzh’s Dnepr Stadium, free for all residents of Dorogobuzh district. The entertainment programme included physical exercises, children’s games, liquid nitrogen show, and family quest. As a tradition, students at the Dorogobuzh Cultural Centre received their diplomas, flowers, and gifts on that day.

Dorogobuzh’s catering staff treated the guests to buckwheat and pearl barley porridge with canned meat in the field kitchen.

Concluding the festival, guests covered with holi powder did a flash mob dance.