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Acron Marks Chemist’s Day with High Performance and Awards

Veliky Novgorod-based Acron (a member of Acron Group) awarded its best employees on Chemist’s Day.

Over 300 Company employees received letters of thanks and awards. Mikhail Vyalov, maintenance technician, and Gennady Porshnev, instrumentation and automation section manager, were named Honoured Chemists. Acron’s Executive Director Oleg Tikhonov was presented with a certificate of honour signed by Novgorod region’s governor. The names of 58 employees were added to the Company’s honours board, and 60 specialists received awards for mentorship.

Acron’s cultural centre held a traditional celebration event. Vladimir Kunitsky, the Company’s CEO, praised the importance of each employee for Acron’s development, which affects both current and future generations. ‘Today, the Veliky Novgorod facility is upgrading seven of its production units – four urea units and three ammonia units, constructing a second CN unit, and upgrading equipment at its AN and NPK units. All these projects require every-day efforts of thousands of people, who deserve respect and recognition’, he said.

The Governor’s Symphony Orchestra and rock musicians entertained the guests with an impressive Rock Cover Show. Acron’s sports centre held a judo tournament, and its equestrian complex hosted horse shows.

Chemist’s Day was also marked with the Ready for Labour and Defence fitness promotion festival for the Company’s departments and employees. Acron’s electricity supply shop, railway shop, centralised repair and maintenance division, and methanol, formalin, and urea resins division demonstrated the best results.