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Acron Engineering Research and Design Centre is Switching to Russian Platform for Design of Acron Group’s Production Facilities

As part of import substitution measures, Acron Engineering Research and Design Centre (a member of Acron Group) is switching from foreign to Russian software to design Acron Group production facilities.

Today, the Centre’s designers are using new information modelling tools, while the BIM managers are adapting the ModelStudio CS vertical software supported by the nanoCAD platform to the corporate regulations and legal requirements and developing the libraries of 3D components to create information models.

Additionally, the Common Data Environment (CDE) with access rights was established and bilaterally integrated with both Acron Group’s corporate IPS Search PDM system and AIS ERP system. CDE supports interdisciplinary work of the departments based on the CadLib solution. Information models that are already developed are being converted to comply with the new software requirements.

‘We continue introducing the information modelling technologies to all vital project cycles to streamline operations both internally and in cooperation with construction and installation contractors’, said Andrey Kolosovsky, CEO of Acron Engineering Research and Design Centre.