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Dorogobuzh Increases Funding for Education Projects in Dorogobuzh District to RUB3.3 Million

Roman Dmitriev, Executive Director of Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group), and Konstantin Serenkov, Head of the Dorogobuzh district administration in Smolensk region, signed a social partnership agreement for 2023.

This year, Dorogobuzh will allocate RUB3.3 million (up 10% year-on-year) to fund repairs to four schools in Dorogobuzh, Verkhnedneprovsky settlement, and Aleksino and Belavka villages and four preschools in Dorogobuzh district. The classrooms at Belavka school will be upgraded to accommodate the Growth Point sciences and technology education centres as part of the national Education project.

Konstantin Serenkov said the partnership agreement demonstrates Dorogobuzh’s high level of social responsibility and will further boost the development of Dorogobuzh district. ‘Our cooperation with the Company has already resulted in many socially significant projects. Year after year, we have successfully contributed to the development of infrastructure and educational programmes in the district. Dorogobuzh’s help is always timely and goes beyond the scope of the agreement. We are truly grateful to the Company’s management for their support and hope for further fruitful cooperation’.

The first social partnership agreement between Dorogobuzh and the Dorogobuzh district administration was signed in 2017 to outline the social and economic development strategy in Dorogobuzh district aimed at providing a modern, comfortable, and safe environment.