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Dorogobuzh Supports Equestrian Team at Local Sports School

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) marked the 30th anniversary of the equestrian team at the Verkhnedneprovsky Children and Youth Sports School by donating a building equipped with individual lockers, furniture, and a heating system. Dorogobuzh specialists connected the building to the existing power lines and replaced the power supply at the school’s stables. Now, young athletes have a comfortable heated space where they can change, relax, and brief before and debrief after training sessions.

The Dorogobuzh equestrian team, one of only four in Smolensk region, includes over 50 children coached by Masters of Sports Marem Tokaeva and Viacheslav Egorov.

Head of the Dorogobuzh district administration in Smolensk region Konstantin Serenkov praised the solid partnership between the district administration, which established the school, and Dorogobuzh, the town’s major employer. ‘The Company’s management understands local needs, especially when it comes to education and social matters. I am convinced that the much-needed new premises will facilitate the training process and help Dorogobuzh athletes achieve even higher results’, he said.

Dorogobuzh’s CEO Vladimir Kunitsky and Acron’s Vice President for Non-Core Assets Kerim Vagabov donated saddles, saddle blankets, girths, bridles, reins, and stirrups to the equestrian team. Vladimir Kunitsky presented one of the school’s best students, Viktoriya Zykova, with a personal saddle and wished her continued success.

Mr Kunitsky also proposed creating a school honours board to recognise the best students. Dorogobuzh will cover the cost of the board and a student photoshoot.

Dorogobuzh’s Executive Director Roman Dmitriev said, ‘Supporting sports activities for children is a priority for our Company. This year, we are planning to further improve the training conditions for the equestrian team, launch landscaping initiatives, and refurbish the equestrian school’s premises. In the coming months, Dorogobuzh will repair the stables’ facade, floors, and stalls, whitewash the ceiling, disinfect the rooms, supply new sand, and lay out the show-jumping arena. The Company will also buy and deliver horse fodder’.

Earlier, Dorogobuzh repaired the stables’ roof, installed new gates, brought the show-jumping arena up to standard, and made and installed a paddock fence.

Dorogobuzh sponsors local social projects on a regular basis. In 2022, the investments totalled RUB7 million.