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Acron Group Expands Integrated Corporate Information System to NWPC

Acron Group recently finished scaling its AIS (Acron Information System), an enterprise resource planning system, at the North-Western Phosphorous Company site in Murmansk region. 

NWPC experts have already started using the finance module, which is designed to improve procedures for budgeting and financial flow management while offering a uniform approach to management accounting and presenting information. The Company deployed its in-house AIS enterprise resource planning system, upgraded network and server equipment, streamlined legacy business processes and created new ones, and integrated the AIS and 1C systems. 

NWPC launched the AIS integration project in 2021 as one of Acron Group’s top IT projects and the first stage of an integration solution to upgrade its enterprise systems. 

Acron Group’s Vice President for Finance and Economics, Dmitry Balandin, explained the projects benefits: ‘After eight months of testing, the integrated corporate AIS at NWPC gives us more accurate and transparent planning and easier control over financial flows and budget spending. Launching the system on a commercial scale is an important step to improving Acron Group’s corporate governance. We also plan to develop and integrate the AIS at our other sites’.