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Dorogobuzh Gives Grants to Best Teachers

Dorogobuzh (a member of Acron Group) awarded grants to winners of the competition for local secondary school teachers of natural sciences called Academic Success and Careers at Dorogobuzh. The Company allocated RUB720,000 to the prize fund.

The first prize and a certificate for RUB300,000 were awarded to Natalia Yankina, a biology teacher at Dorogobuzh Secondary School No. 1. The second and third prizes went to Lyudmila Sysoeva, a chemistry teacher at Dorogobuzh Secondary School No. 1, and Tatiana Shishkova, a biology teacher at Verkhnedneprovsky Secondary School No. 2. They received RUB240,000 and RUB180,000 respectively.

The winners will keep 60% of the prize money as personal reward, and 40% will be spent on upgrading their classrooms and improving professional skills.

The district head Konstantin Serenkov welcomed the initiative, ‘Dorogobuzh is our good friend. We are grateful for its support in raising public awareness of the current educational challenges, searching for the best teaching practices, upgrading school facilities, and promoting career-oriented events’.

According to Dorogobuzh’s executive director Roman Dmitriev, the competition is intended to find the best local teachers and encourage them to motivate their students to go deeper with the subjects and work toward the professions in demand with the Company. ‘We award the grants to show our appreciation for the teachers’ hard and important work’.